Supporting communities

Through Policy

Like our parent organization LGBT Tech, PowerOn advocates for national policies and legislation to support our LGBTQ+ communities nationwide. We focus our advocacy on getting LGBTQ+ centers funded, supported, and recognized for the vital services they provide our communities. We believe getting LGBTQ+ centers the resources they need is one of the best ways to support the people those centers serve on a daily basis.

Read what policy measures we've taken for

LGBTQ+ communities

PowerOn Signs on to Letter for LGBTQ+ Rights in Healthcare

PowerOn joined the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights along with other organizations in opposing the Health Care Rights Law (Section 1557) Final Rule.


PowerOn Urges CDC over LGBTQ+ Tobacco Use

PowerOn joined several organizations alongside the National LGBT Cancer Network in urging the CDC to achieve health equity in tobacco control for LGBTQ+ communities.


PowerOn Signs Family Equality's Letter to Congress

PowerOn joined nearly 200 national, state, and local organizations in urging federal legislators to include nondiscrimination measures in their COVID-19 response.


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