What we accept:

  • All smartphones and cell phones, regardless of age or condition. 

  • Laptops, tablets, hard drives and other "smaller" devices.


What we don't accept:

  • Most larger items, e.g. desktop computers or printers, through this form (shipping heavy, delicate equipment is very expensive). If you have a larger item, please contact us to see if we can make an exception, or check for R2 facilities in your area to recycle your device in the most environmentally-friendly way possible!

Before you send in your Apple products, please disconnect the item from your Apple ID and Find My iPhone before erasing/restoring to factory settings. Failure to do so will bar us from using the device, and it will have to be destroyed. If you need instructions for this please click here.

All devices will be wiped clean of sensitive data through a NIST 800-88 process in full compliance with HIPAA and other international standards and laws.

Once you fill out the tech donation form, we'll send you everything you need to ship your device(s) to us, including a pre-paid mailing label!

Not ready to donate quite yet? That's ok! Let us know, and we'll follow up with you at a later date.

Questions? Please contact us.


Your tax deductible donation helps connect countless LGBTQ+ individuals with the life-changing tech they need.

Donate today to help us continue the work we do.