Sustainability    Flyout
December 12th-14th

Dear Invitees,


On behalf of the team at PowerOn, we would like to formally invite you to join us for the Inaugural PowerOn Sustainability Flyout. An opportunity for us to show you the impact our innovative program is having on the environment we all share and the LGBTQ+ community we all love.


PowerOn is known for providing tech devices, connectivity and resources to homeless and vulnerable LGBTQ+ individuals through our network of LGBTQ+ supportive centers across the country but not all know we've built sustainability into the core of our program. Built from the ground up, PowerOn focuses on technology and sustainability as a means to reduce the impact on the environment, provide social awareness, and connect LGBTQ+ individuals who otherwise would be isolated. Through our technology, we strive to empower LGBTQ+ individuals to achieve the best form of themselves and empower the community around them to make a true difference in this world.

The PowerOn Sustainability Flyout will highlight the work of PowerOn, as well as the sustainability efforts of our program, other programs and highlight sustainability and recycling efforts by technology industry leaders.

We hope you'll join us.

Christopher Wood

Executive Director


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 Event Details

PowerOn Sustainability Flyout


     Date: 12/12/19-12/14/19

     Location: Austin, Texas

12/12 - Fly In Day

12/13 - A full day of information sessions, recycling tours, LGBTQ PowerOn tours and sessions about sustainability.

12/14 - Fly Home

More Details
Apple Inc.
PowerOn Centers
Arrival 12/12/19 
Program Details
Departure  12/14/19

-Arrive in Austin, TX

-Depart Austin, TX


9:00 AM

9:30 AM

9:45 AM

11:00 AM

12:15 PM

6:00 PM

- Depart Hotel


- Arrive at Apple, Inc.


- Briefing on sustainability,   recycling, Daisy, Apple Research & Development and Diversity


- Visit Daisy and Apple's Material Recovery Lab


- Lunch*

- Learn About PowerOn Program


- PowerOn Recycler -

      Blue Star Recyclers


- PowerOn Center QWELL

- Digital Divide, Sustainability and 

   Diversity Conversation



1:30 PM

* (Charge falls in with approved government per-diem.)

5:00 PM

Questions? Reach out to us!

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