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Our Mission

Supporting Individuals,

Connecting Communities

PowerOn is a first-of-a-kind program that distributes technology to homeless, isolated, and disadvantaged LGBTQ+ individuals across the country through our network of LGBTQ+ grantee organizations. This grantee network (Our PowerOn Partner Centers) allows us to work at a national scale to distribute life-saving technology at the most impactful grassroots level, empowering individuals with the tools to take charge of their circumstances and tackle the digital divide head-on.

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The needs we face

According to the data

80% of LGBTQ+ people network online

81% of LGBTQ+ youth search for health information online

40% of homeless youth in America are LGBTQ+

The difference we make

In the past year

335 people applied for a job using tech from PowerOn

100 people used PowerOn tech to finish schoolwork

257 people used PowerOn tech to find stable housing

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