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Supporting communities

Through Policy

Like our parent organization LGBT Tech, PowerOn advocates for national policies and legislation to support our LGBTQ+ communities nationwide. We focus our advocacy on getting LGBTQ+ centers funded, supported, and recognized for the vital services they provide our communities. We believe getting LGBTQ+ centers the resources they need is one of the best ways to support the people those centers serve on a daily basis.

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Read what policy measures we've taken for

LGBTQ+ communities

PowerOn signs letter Support the Rights of All Students and Parents — Support H.Res. 219, Oppose H.R. 5

PowerOn signs on to a letter to Congress along with 252 organizations issuing support for HRes219 (Bonamici Bill of Rights for Students and Parents) and opposition to HR5 (Letlow Parents Bill of Rights)


PowerOn Signs on to Letter Urging for the Collection of SOGI data in U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey

PowerOn signed onto a letter along with 29 other organizations advocating for the next phase of the U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey to allow for the identification of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in order to have more accurate data about the community.


Education Equity Letter to Secretary of Education Cardona

PowerOn joins 100 organizations in signing letter on education equity for marginalized students, including LGBTQ+


PowerOn signs on to The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights' letter to Congress opposing H.R. 734 to Protect Civil Rights

177 organizations opposing H.R. 734 to Protect Civil Rights


PowerOn Signs MAP's Letter on Methods and Leading Practices for Advancing Equity and Support for Underserved Communities
Through Government

PowerOn was one of 56 organizations to support Movement Advancement Project's letter to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget urging the OMB to expand and enhance
efforts to collect demographic information on sexual orientation, gender identity, and intersex status
in order to inform equitable public policy strategies.


LGBTQ USPS Senate Letter

PowerOn signs on to this open letter from Human Rights Campaign and Lambda Legal urging The Senate to pass the Delivering America Act to protect the USPS - a vital service for LGBTQ+ people - from the attacks of the Trump Administration.


PowerOn signs GLSEN's Civil Rights Data Collection letter to U.S. Dept. of Education

Forty-three organizations signed the letter making recommendations to ensure safe, inclusive, and nondiscriminatory educational environments for all students, including LGBTQ+ and other students who experience marginalization.


PowerOn Signs GLSEN and HRC’s letter of support for the Safe Schools Improvement Act (SSIA)

The SSIA requires states to adopt a proven strategy to prevent and address bullying: enumeration of vulnerable student populations, including LGBTQ+ youth.


Education/Civil Rights Open Letter on the Rights of LGBTQ+ Students and Staff

PowerOn joins GLSEN and other organizations to affirm the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, Ga. and call for an end to discrimination in schools.


PowerOn signs on to MAP's letter to the U.S. Census Bureau advocating for the collection of SOGI data in the ASEC survey

PowerOn, along with 19 other organizations, signed on to a letter by Movement Advancement Project advocating for the collecting of data about LGBTQI+ Americans in the Annual Social and Economic
Supplement survey.


LGBT TECH & PowerOn Sign On to ACLU Letter Urging Biden To Ensure Accurate ID's For LGBTQ+ Community

LGBT Technology Institute joins a number of civil and human rights groups by signing onto a letter sent to the White House drafted by the ACLU urging President Biden to issue an executive order to ensure that transgender, non-binary, and intersex people can obtain accurate identification and official records.


Supporting Foster Youth and Families through the Pandemic Act Sign On Letter

PowerOn joins the Child Welfare and Mental Health Coalition in supporting HR 7947 and its inclusion in future COVID-19 response legislation. The bill would benefit at-risk LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit youth who age out of foster care and/or lose housing.


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