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Ellie Bessette

Director of Programs 



With a background in fundraising, Ellie leads the charge to grow programs like PowerOn, empowering LGBTQ+ individuals by providing hardware (computers, tablets, laptops and cell phones), technology education, and information about low cost broadband. Through regular communications with PowerOn partner centers and recycling partners, Ellie ensures that e-waste and donated technology are doing the most good for the LGBTQ+ individuals we serve. Ellie also manages the marketing and development operations for the program and oversees the application process for new LGBTQ+ centers to join PowerOn.

Joseph Kapp

Development & Outreach



Joe Kapp, is the co-founder of LGBT Tech, and has continued to help foster the growth of the organization.  Most recently, Mr. Kapp has been advising the LGBT Tech team on public policy issues, technical requirements and assisting with the development and growth of the PowerOn Program.

Christopher Wood

Executive Director



Christopher Wood is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word; author, speaker, co-founder of two non-profits, small business owner, and consultant around social media, PR and marketing.

Carlos Gutierrez

General Counsel



Mr. Gutierrez is an attorney with an extensive background in both business and legal affairs combined with an in-depth understanding of technology, telecommunications and long-term strategic planning.

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